Welcome To The EZ Ether Builder

A Simple Way To Earn Massive Ether On Autopilot...

The Function of our site is to provide 2 main benefits. First, give you a simple way to advertise your other products and services with the purchase of our text ad packages, that may or may not be about smart contracts. And Second, to help you earn massive amounts of ETHER using our simple plug in and profit site that will help you earn up to your 600% Return On Investment (ROI) per level. There are 16 levels in total (12 ad packages and 4 Extreme Ether packs). And yes, paid direct to your Metamask or Trust Wallet. The first ever Smart Contract Downline Team Builder.

The best part of all, once you join today, you will become a part of one of the BIGGEST, World-Wide Team Builds ever to be assembled under one website (TEAM PHOENIX). We don't just get you started and leave you by yourself like most websites. We help you build and develop a network of hungry, money earning affiliates using both forced spillover from the Company and forced spillover from individual teams combined. Once your registration is complete by paying a small 0.01ETH (about $3.87 usd), you and your sponsor will work together and discuss ways to advertise and recruit more members into your network. By doing this, you will grow your Ether earnings on autopilot in many, if not all of your other products and service programs that you are already a member..

Ez Ether Builder is truly a unique and innovative way to grow enormous amounts of ETH on viral autopilot. That alone makes this the perfect opportunity to capitalize from team building in a new industry of earning!


How EZ Ether Builder Works

The procedure of gaining massive Ether is simple. Here is how it begins:

Complete Registration By Paying 0.01Eth!

Invite A Minimum Of 10 Others To Join!

Those You Invite Will Duplicate The Process and Together Everyone Earns!

Build A Downline In All Your Favorite Programs On Viral Autopilot





Detailed Action Plan Of Simple Steps

1. Register your new account by paying 0.01 eth. This is a monthly subscription which covers your ad package, replicated earning site, training, and promo materials.

2. Once you received your text ad package set it up so it can be viewed by the entire membership site.

3. After you have set up your text ads, you set up your builder starting with the core programs then on to the recommended ones from your upline team members.

4. Make sure to enter and save your referral ID’s for each program in the appropriate spaces provided. Set up should take about 30 minutes or less.

5. After you have set up your builder and saved all of your referral ID’s, grab your promotional link(s). Whenever you make a change in your builder your  referral links will never change.

6. Your income is based off of you and your entire network. You will earn 50% commissions from your direct referrals on level 1 and 50% commissions from level 2. (12 complete payments)

The Compensation Plan Explained




  • When you refer someone whether direct sponsored or from spill over, they are on your Level 1 and you receive level 1 commissions of 50% when they complete the registration process.

  • When your level 1 team member refers someone, that new referral is now your level 2. You will also earn 50% commissions when that level 2 team member completes their registration. (3x2 compensation plan)

  • In short, Every member that joins pays 50% to their direct sales person (their sponsor) and also 50% goes to their sponsor's sales person. Providing you with income from every member that joins you on that board.







Cranking Out Ether On Autopilot! Make Sure To Refer 3 Who Will Get 3 Each. (This is the key to unlimited ether)

Join Now To Activate Your Plugin and Profit Machine

Ez Ether Builder is the perfect opportunity for investment and it can yield highly rewarding benefits in return. You not only earn thousands to millions of dollars but also get a cryptocurrency that's going to be available for online shopping, digital assets exchange and other cryptocurrency operations. So, if you've missed Bitcoin; you shouldn't miss Ez Ether Builder.


How To Register...

We wanted to make sure our seniors as well as newbies have a very easy transition into the world of Ether Cryptocurrency. Below is a step by step text tutorial on how to register with us using our recommended ether wallet, Metamask. The other wallet (Trust Wallet) is used for cell phones mainly which you can find that in your Apps store on your Android or Iphone. Follow the steps below and if you have any questions please contact your referring sponsor or submit a support ticket and we will be glad to assist:

  1. You must have a Metamask wallet for desktop computers/laptops and Trust wallet for all Androids. (Iphones no longer carry Dapp Browser) (metamask recommended)
  2. Fund your wallet with a minimum of 0.02 Eth to cover Registration and Gas Fees (gas fee is the Block Chains transaction fee).
  3. Once funded use your sponsor's referral link.
  4. Click The "Join" button At the top of this page.
  5. Fill out the registration form. Please make sure to verify sponsor's name during registration. And use the same ether wallet address from metamask or trust wallet that you already funded. Make sure to confirm your email.
  6. After email verification and you have logged in, Click on the appropriate pay button. DO NOT CHANGE THE GAS FEE. This will give you a smooth registration without delays or malfunctions. (This goes for all smart contracts. If you run across our gas fee extremely high contact us immediately)
  7. Our site will ask for permission to connect to your metamask for instant commission processing. Click Confirm/Allow. (This is only a one time event unless you clear your cookies and cache. Then it might ask again).
  8. Click Pay with metamask once more to initiate payment process, verify amount is 0.01 plus gas fee and confirm payment.
  9. After payment has been verified you will be notified upon completion. After you have been notified it may take up to 15 minutes to 30 minutes for the system to update your account. Please be patient. If an hour has passed and you have not been upgraded and you did not alter the gas fee, contact us immediately!


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